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At ARCH, we believe that our therapists should continually improve their knowledge and understanding of the industry, and keep abreast of the latest developments in techniques and technology. That’s why we insist on 30 hours of Continued Professional Development every year as part of our membership criteria.

To help our members achieve this, we host a range of CPD events, including our annual conference. We are also pleased to pass on details of other CPD events that we think may be relevant and interesting to our members.

Upcoming ARCH CPD events 

Wednesday 1st November 10.00 – 17.00, Friends Meeting House, Euston, London - Cost £50 - refreshments and healthy lunch included

Dr Catherine O’Neill will outline her research on probiotics and skin health, in particular use of probiotic lysates for enhancing and healing the skin barrier, and for preventing infection of the skin by pathogens.

Dr Nigel Plummer, one of the UK’s leading authorities on probiotics, will update on the latest research on gut microbiome, prebiotics, and outline the current research on how probiotics are having such a significant impact on human health.

For further information contact Jacqui at Biocare on 0121 433 87

”18th & 19th NOVEMBER - The UK Medicinal Mushroom Conference

Stanton House Hotel, Wiltshire.

To register email: beesandmushrooms@gmail.com


Upcoming external CPD events.


October 27- 29 -  London NW3

3 day detox - led by Anne-Lise Miller and Shirley MacDonald

The programme is non-residential and designed to cleanse the lymphatic, bowel, liver and gall-bladder.

Easy to follow, it is a short but highly effective 3 days package of Juicing, Mindfulness, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Massage, Energy Balancing, Meditation and Emotional Releasing.

For further details of the programme see https://www.annelisemiller.com/images/Detox-weekend-overview.pdf

To reserve your place https://www.annelisemiller.com/urban-detox-week-end





Identifying Flags in Complementary Health Care

Are you interested in learning more about identifying “red flags”?  This new on-line course from the European College of Bowen Studies may be of interest.  Aimed at all complementary therapists, it is designed to take you through the flags that are used across the health professions and give you pointers to look out for, questions to ask and action to take.

£40 + VAT



Anatomy Prosection Days

Kings College, London Bridge

For further information see:  http://www.thecpdgroup.com/dissections.htm


First Aid Training

It is a requirement of ARCH membership that a valid First Aid Certificate is held, currently renewable every three years.  Several companies offer first aid training including:

St John Ambulance  www.sja.org.uk/sja/training-courses.aspx

Red Cross www.sja.org.uk/sja/training-courses.aspx

Holos Healthcare and Training www.holoshealthcare.co.uk/

Also check local adult education institutions in your area, or even try hosting your own event if there are a few therapists in your area.


Several companies offer training events see:

All About Natural Medicine offers a wide variety of workshops in London N1.  http://www.allaboutnaturalmedicine.com/

Alliance for Natural Health International http://anhinternational.org/practitioners/practitioner-events/


Be Well London https://www.bewelllondon.com/education-and-events/

Biocare: www.Biocare.co.uk

College of Medicine.  https://www.collegeofmedicine.org.uk/events/#!event-list

Cytoplan: www.cytoplan.co.uk

Genova Diagnostics: www.gdx.net/uk

Institute of Optimum Nutrition: www.ion.ac.uk/

Nutri: www.nutri.co.uk

Nutri-link: www.nleducation.co.uk/

Regenerus Laboratories:  www.regeruslabs.com

Bonusan http://www.bonusan.co.uk 


Share your event here

If you are holding a CPD event, or know of a CPD event that may be of interest to our members, please let us know so that we can include the details here. Listings are free and updated on a regular basis.



My ARCH – Linda Ternent

My most memorable experience was attending the Kneipp School in Germany.  We had so much fun learning constitutional hydrotherapy at a wonderful CPD event.

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