How do I become a colon hydrotherapist?

To become an ARCH registered colon hydrotherapist, you need to start from a medical or body based background, then undertake a training course at a recognised school, followed by a period of monitored probationary practice.

ARCH is proud to set the highest standards for membership in the UK. While all UK associations have agreed a minimum standard of practice, ARCH insists on more stringent levels of training, safety and service, to ensure that choosing an ARCH registered therapist guarantees the best possible treatment.

The background you need

To train as an ARCH registered colon hydrotherapist, you need to come from either a medical background, or be a trained and experienced therapist in another therapeutic discipline.

Medical backgrounds include: doctor, registered nurse, paramedic, midwife, physiotherapist and dietician, as well as some related fields such as radiography or pharmacy.

Therapist backgrounds include: acupuncture, chiropractic, herbalism, homeopathy, nutritionist, naturopathy and certain massage therapies. If your previous therapy did not include physical contact then a short massage course will be required. In addition, you may need to study additional anatomy and physiology courses to meet the required standard before you commence your training.

Training in colon hydrotherapy

To become a member of ARCH, you must meet that standards set down by the association. The most straightforward route is to train at an ARCH approved training school. There are other training providers available in the UK, however, only schools approved by ARCH meet the high standards required for the benefit of both our members and their clients. Training covers the appropriate anatomy and physiology in detail, as well as all the skills needed to become a competent and professional colon hydrotherapist. It also covers health and safety issues, legal and technical issues and offers advice on how to set up your own clinic.

A typical ARCH approved training course in colon hydrotherapy takes 11 days of full time study (min 100 hours) and costs around £1750 If you pass the course, you will be eligible to practice as a colon hydrotherapist and to apply to ARCH for provisional membership.

For further details of training with an ARCH approved school visit The National College of Colon Hydrotheraphy.

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